Why attending events is so important

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It’s easy to stay in our offices behind our desks and market our business via social media, emails etc. It’s not so easy to get out face to face with potential clients or referral sources because it requires some level of courage. When you’re in any kind of business that requires networking to grow your client base there’s nothing more important than that face to face, live and in person connection you will never get over the internet.

Here’s just a few reasons why it’s crucial to attend events to build your business:

  • Building relationships is a faster process in person
  • Connecting with potential centers of influence (key referral contacts) can only happen when they get to meet you and spend time with you
  • Getting motivated is much easier when you can see and feel the enthusiasm others display
  • Being social is just as important to business building as talking “shop” remember that when you have common interests it’s easier to do business with someone

So go check out our calendar and find an event near you!

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