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Mixagogo (Networking Events)

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Mixagogo Spotlight Event

Check out this Mixagogo Spotlight Event

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Save 10% at The Slip Bar and Eatery! Just mention Mixagogo!

Mixagogo (Networking Events)

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Photos from Mixagogo's post

5/11/17 – Another sold out RB Chamber Network Cafe.

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Photos from Mixagogo's post

Broker Opens in Style E3 Vehicles.

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mivMixagogo is the go-to place for networking, connecting, finding and posting events that connect businesses and professionals. Mixagogo is a two-pronged solution for the networking community, providing event goers a place to browse and search events, and providing a format for event organizers to post and promote events.

The concept started when Co-Founder, Joanne Galin began sending courtesy emails to her list of friends and acquaintances that she’d met at networking events. The emails were useful, convenient weekly reminders that listed upcoming, local happenings and business mixers. The emails quickly became a valuable asset to many.

One recipient, intellectual property attorney, Daniel Quisenberry, saw a crucial need being fulfilled through this quick view of events happening in and around the community. Recognizing the usefulness and the need that the list served, Daniel convinced Joanne that her system could be applied more broadly to help more people and organizations, if it was accompanied by a web site that did almost the same thing as her e-mails – Listing every business mixer and other public/community event, and mapping the events too!  

With the help of Bibi Goldstein and Valerie James the list evolved into a branded, fine-tuned, and more user-friendly, weekly e-mail blast known as Joanne's Hot List. After launching the Hot List, people began to personally ask if their e-mail addresses could be added to these e-mailers, while event organizers asked to have their events listed.

Behind the scenes the vision continued to grow, and Mixagogo was born, and built into what you have today – an online source featuring the valuable list that started the entire concept, a map, search function, plus pages to post photos and blogs.

Currently, the South Bay is enjoying an almost exclusive test phase of the site while still receiving the valuable email reminder that started the entire idea. The future hope is that if you are ever in Albuquerque, Des Moines, or even somewhere in Asia, you can pop on to MIXAGOGO.com, and pop right over to a business mixer or great event that very night.

Please enjoy “the go-to place for networking” - join up, add your events, and spread the word! MIXAGOGO!!!